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Valve has finally released information about the community created End of the Line update. Check out the update website here[www.teamfortress.com]!

Note that the update itself hasn't been released yet, and this news post will get updated once Valve releases the change notes for the update.


The change notes have been posted now. Here's the changes:
  • End of the Line Community Update has arrived!
    • Check out the community-created movie and web page at http://www.teamfortress.com/endoftheline/
    • The event will run through till January 5th, 2015, and includes finding ducks, duck statistics and friendly leaderboards.
    • Added End of the Line Community Crate Key
    • Added 21 cosmetic items featured from End of the Line
    • Added Pyro Taunt - Pool Party
    • Added multi-class melee weapon - The Crossing Guard
    • Added Duck Journal and Duck Tokens for the End of the Line event
  • Fixed The Swagman's Swatter and Tough Stuff Muffs not being held by the Sniper during the melee taunt
  • Updated the crosshair to not draw while taunting
It's official! After many months, MvM Hell has finally made its return to our servers!

If you've played on the server those many months ago when we used to run it, you may remember the key points of the server: 10 player MvM, wave stats, and loads of custom maps and missions.

And as you can expect, all of these key features make their return once again.

Click to connect!
Machine Hell —–——— mvm.hell.tf —————[saxtonhell.com]

Have any comments or suggestions for this server or other servers you'd like to see us run? Please let us know on our forums[forums.saxtonhell.com]!
Hi all. Just wanted to let everyone know that we're running Halloween servers for this year's TF2 Halloween event.

Check them out here:
Halloween Servers
Halloween Hell #1 ——— halloween1.hell.tf ——[saxtonhell.com]
Halloween Hell #2 ——— halloween2.hell.tf ——[saxtonhell.com]

Click on any of the above servers to join!

Currently both servers are running a rotation of all 5 available Halloween maps (with RTV and nominations enabled).

Once this year's new Halloween map is released, server #1 will be running that map exclusively while #2 will run a rotation of all the Halloween maps.
This announcement is to inform you that as of today we have fully moved our TF2 servers onto a new host! If you're curious about the reasons we've moved or would like to give feedback, check out this informative post[forums.saxtonhell.com].

If you have our servers favorited, Steam should—or may already have—automatically updated the IP addresses in your favorites for you. If not, these are the new addresses you'll want to add to your favorites:

Saxton Hell #1 ———— saxton1.hell.tf ———-[saxtonhell.com]
Saxton Hell #2 ———— saxton2.hell.tf ———-[saxtonhell.com]
Deathrun Hell #1 ——— deathrun1.hell.tf ——-[saxtonhell.com]
Deathrun Hell #2 ——— deathrun2.hell.tf ——-[saxtonhell.com]
Trading Hell ————— trading.hell.tf ———— ...
Apologies for the delay ladies and gents, but we should now be back up and running. Thanks for flying Saxton Hell airlines!

Shoutout to Valve for making every TF2 update a rollercoaster ride.